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Get your Cosmetology License in Arizona

Cosmetology school is where it all begins when it comes time to preparing to get your cosmetology license. Before you can pursue your dream, you need to pass this state test.

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Arizona Cosmetology Licensing Requirements

Want to Get Your Cosmetology License in Arizona?

You will need to fulfill the requirements from the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology. A cosmetology professional does things like clean, cut, color, and style hair or anything else to do with aesthetics. They make people feel good about the way they look and put a smile on their face!

There are 4 major steps to get your cosmetology license in Arizona. First thing, you need to graduate from a Cosmetology or Hair Design Beauty School completing 1,600 hours, then you need to pass a licensing exam given by the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology, apply for your license, and finally it’s strongly recommended you take continuing education (but not required for licensure). Please note that unlike other states, Arizona does not allow on the job training or apprenticeship of any kind to get your cosmetology license. You must earn your license by attending an accredited beauty school and follow the requirements.

Before you get started you need to get your cosmetology license from a cosmetology school.. Make sure to attend a licensed school that is accredited cosmetology programs by the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology. For cosmetology, you will be required to complete 1,600 hours in total.

Please note if you have an out of state license, you can pay a $140 application fee to apply for reciprocity in one of two ways: license reciprocity agreement or by way of examination.

Once you’re done your cosmetology program, you qualify to apply for the Arizona Cosmetology exams to get your license. These exams consist of two parts: the written exam ($100) and the practical exam ($77). Your initial fee to get your license is $70.

Once you’ve passed your exams, you can get your cosmetology license! Hurray! Although continuing education credits are not required for license renewal they are strongly recommended.

So now that you’re licensed are you wondering about job prospects? The Bureau of Labour Statistics says that salaries can range from approximately $16,000-$40,000 (not including tips). The cosmetology and beauty industry is anticipated to grow by 14% every year all the way up to 2020!

Finally, make sure that you renew your license every two years! You can renew online or in person and submit a $60 renewal fee.

If you have any questions or concerns, please make sure to contact the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology directly.

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