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Get your Cosmetology License in California

Cosmetology school is where it all begins when it comes time to preparing to get your cosmetology license. Before you can pursue your dream, you need to pass this state test.

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A cosmetology school is the place to get your cosmetology license in California

In the state of California you need to be 17 or have at least a 10 the grade education. In the state of California it takes 1600 hours of attending beauty school to prepare to take your cosmetology license exam which is issued by the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. Once you’ve completed beauty school, the first thing you need to do is apply to take the examination. You start by completing an Examination Application which you can find at Once your application is accepted, arrangements will be made to take the written part of your exam and the practical part. These two parts are taken in one day in either Fairfield or Glendale. Fairfield is in Northern California, Glendale is in Southern Cal. You can also take this exam in Vietnamese or Spanish.

The board of cosmetology will schedule you at the location you choose.

You will get an admission letter two to six weeks after your application has been approved, depending on the kind of license you’re pursuing and the number of pending applications the board has. Your exam date will be between twenty five to forty days after you receive your admission letter.

The written part of the examination has one hundred questions which you have two hours to complete. For the practical skills part you work on a model… usually a friend or a relative that you bring to the exam.

For the practical part of the cosmetology exam you perform procedures on your model. For this practical part of the exam you need to show that you understand proper disinfection and sanitation knowledge and techniques. You’ll need to prep your model, set up a station, and perform rudimentary skills that you’ll do as a professional cosmetologist in the real world. Several of the beauty schools where you can get ready to pass the test are on this site for you to choose from. You just need to fill in your zip code to get started and you’ll see a list of great cosmetology/beauty schools in your area.

Working as a Licensed Cosmetologist in California

After you get your cosmetology license you can work in a hair salon, a spa, a resort, at a department store, a chain like Super Cuts or Best Cuts or many other different places. Women and men get their hair done in many different kinds of places so the opportunities are always there to start a beauty career – you just need your cosmetology license to get started.

So what will you do as a professional cosmetologist once you get your cosmetologist license? You’ll style hair, color, cut or even braid hair. You’ll have a rewarding career by making people feel better about themselves and you make people look more beautiful. You can also provide esthetician and manicure services as well. Skin care is a growing field as the population ages and woman always love getting their nails done.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2011 data, the average salary of cosmetologists in California is around $22,080 before tips, though the range is from $17,740 to $41,240. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also estimates that job demand will grow for personal appearance workers by 14% through 2020.

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