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Cosmetology school is where it all begins when it comes time to preparing to get your cosmetology license. Before you can pursue your dream, you need to pass this state test.

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In order to get your cosmetology license in the state of Florida you need to take 1200 hours of beauty school. The Florida Board of Cosmetology is the organization that creates regulations for cosmetologist in Florida for cosmetologists, nail technicians,,skin care specialists, braiders, and hair wrappers You can review the regulations at

To earn a cosmetology degree in the State of Florida you need to go to a Florida beauty school and get 1,200 hours of training. Once you get your training you need to submit a cosmetology examination application to the Department and include the respective fees. After your exam application has gotten approval, you will get a notification from the Pearson VUE which will include a schedule of the date and time for the written part of your exam. After you’ve passed the written and practical part of your cosmetology examination, you will get your license and have what you need to become a professional cosmetologist. Pearson VUE’s website is

If your cosmetology training was in another country, or if you earned your cosmetology license in another state and the requirements of that state are the same or even more than the requirements for Florida cosmetology students, you might be able to get a Florida license by getting a special endorsement. If you have your license in another state based on your completing at least 1,000 hours you can attend any cosmetology school to get the additional 200 hours to obtain the endorsement of the Florida cosmetology board. Or If you have your license in another state and you don’t want to take the extra 200 hours you may apply to take the Florida cosmetology exam if you have had your license for at least a year. However, if you don’t pass the exam two times you need to take 40 remedial hours before you can take the exam again. if you fail the examination three times you’ll have to take eighty remedial hours before you can take the test again.

Once you graduate from a Florida cosmetology school you take your exam. When you get the notification that you have passed, you can effectively begin your career. You can work in cosmetology under the oversight of a licensed cosmetologist in a salon or spa. You’ll have to provide the salon owner or manager with your copy of the exam’s passing results. The exception to supervised practice does not apply to people who did not qualify to be endorsed but did qualify for examination based on their license from another state.

If you don’t pass a portion of the examination to get your Florida cosmetology license, you can reapply to take the exam again but you can’t be a cosmetologist until you pass both parts of the examination and have been granted a license. After you complete all your cosmetology school hours and turn in an application along with your fees to the Florida Department of Cosmetology, and pending your registration, you’ll be able to practice under the supervision of a registered specialist in a licensed salon with certain requirements. You have to you show the salon owner a copy of your licensing application and the cosmetology school transcripts that you previously sent to department. On the other hand, if the department indicated that your application is not sufficient for any reason, you must tell the salon owner or your supervisor of this notification and you have to stop working under you rectify this situation.

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