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Cosmetology school is where it all begins when it comes time to preparing to get your cosmetology license. Before you can pursue your dream, you need to pass this state test.

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Georgia Cosmetology Licensing Requirements

Interested in working as a cosmetologist in Georgia? In order to work as a hair designer or master cosmetologist, licensing requirements state you must hold a Georgia board-issued license.

There are 4 basic steps to getting your cosmetology license in Georgia:

  1. Submit graduation certificate from a Cosmetology or Hair Design Beauty School
  2. Pass PSI exams
  3. Submit application to Georgia Board of Cosmetology
  4. Complete continuing education to renew license.

The following is an overview of Cosmetology Licensing Requirements in Georgia more in detail.

Step 1: Submit Grad Certificate from Cosmetology School

Becoming a cosmetologist, means you must a have a certain level of education and training. For most people, this means attending a beauty school but if for some reason, this isn’t possible you can apply for the license with on-the-job training. For this requirement, you must train with a licensed master cosmetologist or hair designer for a minimum of 36 months and be under direct supervision to perform cosmetology services.

To qualify for your exam after attending beauty school, you must complete 18 months of training with 3,000 logged and submit the appropriate training forms.

For hair design apprentice, you need to complete at least 2,650 hours of training over a minimum of 14 months and complete the appropriate hair design training forms.

Step 2: Pass PSI Exams

You can take these exams online, which consist of two parts: Master Cosmetology Practical Exam (140 minutes) and NIC Cosmetology Theory Exam (90 minutes).

For hair design, the exams can also be taken online and are made up of two portions: Hair Design Practical Exam (110 minutes) and NIC Hair Design Theory Exam (90 minutes). The cost of the both exams taken together is $109.00

Step 3. Submit Application to the Georgia Board of Cosmetology

You can submit your application online or print off the application with a processing fee of $30.

Step 4. Complete Continuing Education to Renew License

Completing this requirement fulfills your licensure renewal and helps you expand your career further by keeping up to date on the latest beauty trends. The license for master cosmetologists expires March 31 and the license for hair designers expires September 30th of even numbered years. Training requirements include 3 credit hours in TCSG Health and Safety and 2 credit hours of any elective.

If you have any questions or concerns, please make sure to contact the Georgia Board at (478) 207-2440.

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