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An exciting career as a makeup artist allows you to choose from many different pathways — from beauty and cosmetic salons, bridal industries, medical and tattoo industries as a permanent makeup artist to the more glamorous industries of fashion, theater and movies — all designed to let your passion and creativity shine!

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How To Become A Makeup Artist

Makeup schools give you the professional skills needed, whether you’re creating characters on a movie set or helping someone achieve a perfect look on a special day. Find the best fit for you from the list of schools in your area or find out more about a career in makeup artistry.

Each state has different requirements that must be met in order to become a certified makeup artist. Some states offer a stand-alone makeup artist license, while others include it as part of a full cosmetology program that includes training in hair, skin and nails. Depending on which program is required, training may take anywhere from 300 to 2000 hours.

Although some states do not have any makeup artist licensing requirements, it is still a good idea to receive professional-level experience in order to enhance your skills and build your career.

What you need to know about a career as a makeup artist

Makeup artists use cosmetics, brushes and other tools to apply face or body makeup to clients in order to enhance their appearance. There are two main categories of makeup artists: cosmetic or fashion artists and theatrical or film artists. Cosmetic artists may work in a retail environment, on fashion models for photo shoots, or at weddings and other special events. Theatrical artists focus on enhancing or altering an actor’s features for a particular dramatic role on stage or film. Special effects artists take this process a step further by creating entirely new creatures or illusions of things like injuries, gore, old age and much more.

Makeup artists are creative people with a good eye for art and design. They are comfortable being on their feet and doing detailed work for long periods of time. They also enjoy helping people and are good communicators who are comfortable offering recommendations and giving feedback to clients.

Artist jobs are available throughout the country, in lots of different settings. Many professionals choose to start their own makeup business and work from home, enjoying the flexibility of setting the days and hours that work best for them.

What will I learn in makeup school?

Makeup artist programs involve learning about the basics of makeup, including various tools that can be used and application techniques. Artists also learn about proper skin care, facial features and how to highlight them, and safety and sanitation standards. Students will have opportunities to practice on mannequins and other students in order to gain experience with a wide range of faces and skin types. Depending on the school, advanced makeup techniques may also be offered.

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The many opportunities in the field of makeup artistry allow you to design the perfect career for you! Take your inspiration and innovation to the next level by beginning your training towards a rewarding career.

To search for a makeup school near you, simply use the “Search for Schools” tool on this page and choose Make-up Artist Training as your program. Open the door to a more beautiful future.

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